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Welcome to the Kite Beach Time Challenge, the UAE's first ever digital running challenge.

Time challenges provide the opportunity to test yourself over a specified course at a convenient time during the selected event dates. By registering for the challenge you can use a connected device to record your time one of two courses (5k or 10k) at the Kite Beach purpose built running track with your best effort displayed on the leader board below. The challenge window will run from Monday 16th March until Sunday 22nd March, during this time you may attempt the challenge as many times as you like with only your best time counting towards the overall ranking.

To participate please register for the event and be sure to connect your Strava account at https://www.inphota.com/profile/social/ as profiles that do not have an active Strava account will not display on the leader board. For more information on Strava and to sign-up for free please visit https://www.strava.com/features.

Please note that this is a virtual challenge, upon signing up you will have until Sunday 22nd March to record your best time!

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5km running challenge for men.

Complete one 5km lap of the Kite Beach Running Track to post a time to the live leader board.

Course starts from the section of the running track opposite Umm Suqeim Park. To view the segment including exact start and finish points please visit strava.com/segments/18053858

Time Challenges

Entering a contest which has an associated time challenge allows you to attempt each time challenge as many times as you wish without the need to register several times!

Challenge active between 16 Mar 2020 and 22 Mar 2020

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5km run for men


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Travel advice

Paid parking, provided by RTA is avaliable near the start line at Umm Suqeim Park.

Prizes & rewards

Please note that this is a free to enter challenge, entry enables you to challenge yourself over the specified course with your best result displayed on the live leader board.

You may also wish to look at some of our other time challenges that offer a premium participant upgrade. When entering an event and selecting the premium participant upgrade, where avaliable, you will receive a finishers medal upon completion of the challenge. Those who have selected the premium participant upgrade will be sent an email detailing how they can collect their medal.

Furthermore, every premium participant will have the opportunity to claim discounts by redeeming participation points by visiting inphota.com/rewards. Please note that reward points are not granted on free events. 

More info

During this time, it's important that we are all respectful of guidance put in place to protect our safety, which is why the challenges have a one week completion window. Our aim for the time challenges is to provide a way of motivating you to stay healthy and active but want to stress that health is of upmost importance so we ask that you respect that these are set-up as individual challenges. Please do not organize group gatherings to attempt the challenge and importantly, if you feel unwell, stay at home.

Please make sure that you have connected your Strava account at https://www.inphota.com/profile/social/ as profiles that do not have an active Strava account will not display on the leader board. For more information on Strava and to sign-up for free please visit https://www.strava.com/features.

Terms & conditions

Important Note - By registering I accept the organizer's exclusion of liability of any damages. I will not enforce, a claim neither upon the organizer nor upon the supporting companies and their agents because of damage, that could arise by participating. I declare, that I have practiced sufficiently for the participation and that I am physically well. The event staff are authorized to take me from the contest when noticing immediate threats to my health. I agree that my given information may be used. I assure that my information is correct. Once registered, I cannot claim a refund of my registration fee. To insure your protection of privacy your data was saved electronically!

Delivery and Payment Confirmation - on completion of the registration you will receive an email confirmation confirming your entry into the requested competition. Should you not receive this within a reasonable time please email your query to events@gulfmultisport.com

Refund Policy - There is no refund. Queries can be directed by email to events@gulfmultisport.com

What are time challenges?

Time challenges provide a way to register for and complete a real-world course at a convenient time. By pairing your Strava account you can record your time over the selected course using a mobile phone or connected wearable device. Once the activity has been completed you will be added to the leaderboard and will have the opportunity to attempt the course as many times as you like during the event dates to improve your position.

Prizes and rewards will be fulfilled upon completion of the challenge.

When will I appear on the leaderboard?

Our leaderboard for this challenge shows the fastest people that have completed the Strava segment after completing registration for the event.

To be considered for the leaderboard you have to follow several steps:

  1. Sign up for the contest that you're interested in
  2. Connect your Strava account to your inphota account so that we know when you attempt the challenge
  3. Go out and try your hardest to complete the segment (as many time as you like!)
  4. Upload your workout to Strava

That's it! Just use your Strava account as you normally would, and we will automatically download the activity and put you on the leaderboard. Please note that this process can take up to an hour after you complete the upload.

If you're having problems, or you've done an effort that isn't appearing after this time, then please get in touch with our in-site chat system.