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Infos sur l'événement

Welcome to the Dentons Virtual Fitness Challenge.

This is one of our last 50 for 50 initiatives and we would love for everyone to get involved! The aim of this 6-week initiative is to complete a series of virtual challenges which encourages everyone to stay healthy and active whilst supporting a charitable cause.

How does it work?

Each Dentons volunteer who joins the Dentons Virtual Fitness Challenge (DVFC) will join one of the following five teams corresponding to a charitable cause. Please note that you may only join one team. Each member of each team will then complete one or more of the challenges below over the next 6 weeks in order to gain points. The concept is simple: the more exercise you do, the more points you will gain for your team. At the end of the DVFC, all points will be converted into US dollars to be donated the charitable causes. A leader board will show all fitness activity completed both for each individual and each team across all of the challenges. The top 3 individuals with the most points at the end of the DVFC will also earn a prize.

One added benefit: By participating in the DVFC, you are also eligible to use your points to redeem rewards to receive discounts from inphota partners. To be eligible for rewards, you must opt in at inspire rewards before attempting the challenge.

The Teams

1. Team Hope (in support of Refugees)

2. Team Falcon (in support of animal conservation and rights)

3. Team Earth (in support of environmental causes)

4. Team Purple (in support of men and women's cancer charities)

5. Team Youth (in support of youth and children's charities)

The challenges

Registering for the DVFC will automatically register you for all of the challenges below. Any activity you do will automatically be attributed to the relevant challenges they correspond to. For example, if you go for a walk in the park with the kids, the steps you take will be counted towards Step it up, the distance you cover will count towards the Go the Distance, the calories you burn will count towards Calorie Burn and the active minutes your device records doing the walk will count towards the Family Fitness challenge. Similarly, if you climb stairs, this will count towards the Climb your favourite Burj challenge, the calories you burn will register under Calorie Burn and so on.

The Family Fitness Challenge

Get the whole family involved in getting active by doing something fun together. This challenge will be measured on a 'minutes spent' basis whereby the longer you spend doing a fitness activity, the more points you will gain for your team. Here are some examples of simple but fun activities to get you moving:

· Go for a walk or bike ride around your neighbourhood

· Visit a local park or playground

· Play a game of tag

· Have a water balloon fight

· Take a fitness class together

· Have a race in the backyard

· Throw the Frisbee or ball around

· Play hopscotch

· Dance to upbeat music

· Go on a bear hunt

· Draw a maze on the driveway and run through it

· Have a pillow fight

Climb your favourite Burj

This challenge involves using a stepper, elliptical machine or good old stairs to climb the height of some of our favourite towers in the region. As you climb, your device will measure the elevation gained. Here are some goals:

• Burj Khalifa – 830 metres

• Burj Rafal, Riyadh – 308 metres

• Tornado Tower, Doha – 195 metres

• Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi – 160 metres

• Al Burj, Amman – 91 metres

• Sheraton Oman Hotel, Muscat – 53 metres

30-day Calorie Burn

We have included a range of fitness activities to be completed over a 30-day period below. Choose whichever suits your fancy, but make sure to stick to it! All of these challenges are measured on a calories burned basis whereby the more calories you have burned doing any of these challenges, the more points you will gain.

· 30 day Yoga

o All you need for this yoga challenge is some comfortable clothes and an internet connection. Regardless of your level of fitness, you can stretch your way to better health by following these simple 20-30 min videos daily: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-UzwxbWCWDbTzEwsZnnROBTIL

· 30-Day, 100-Rep Squats

o Work your way up to 100 squats in one workout with this 30-day challenge. Here is a manageable trainer-backed schedule to get you — and your glutes — to the finish line. The routine includes a mix of regular, sumo, and jump squats to be completed almost every day. This combination of squats keeps the workout fun and ensures that you target the many lower-body muscles needed to take on 100 squats in one go.

· 30-Day Handstands

o Shout out to Tom Holland (our very own Paul Holland's nephew) for putting the Handstand Challenge on the map. The actor posted a video of himself putting his shirt on while doing a handstand, before calling on others to do the same. Mastering the Handstand Challenge isn't as easy as Holland makes it look, though — you try balancing upside down on one hand as you put a t-shirt on with your other hand! (Remember: you can put your feet against a wall for balance!). Once you've mastered the move, invite your friends to do the same by posting a photo on inphota and tagging them.

· 30-Day Push ups

o Despite how simple they seem, push-ups are no easy feat — especially when you're tasked with doing 50 at once. Through this 30-day guide, you'll build your strength and endurance with less risk of overuse injuries thanks to the five push-up variations included in your training. Almost every day (with the expectation of a few rests), you'll be assigned basic push-ups, one-legged push-ups, T push-ups, and diamond push-ups.

o Your daily dose of push-ups increases the further you get into your regimen. In no time, accomplishing 50 push-ups in one sitting will have gone from a dream to a reality.

· 30-Day Get Stronger

o The stronger challenge is all about (safely) pushing yourself to new limits. First, pick a fitness-related skill you've been honing. If you're a dancer, maybe explore how high you can get that kick. If you love ab wheels, see how far you can roll out. Next, crank up Daft Punk's song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Far Out Remix)." Follow along as the lyrics say, "work it, make it, do it, makes us, harder, better, faster, stronger." Starting in a resting stance, use each phrase to gradually work your way into your hardest position. Once you hear "stronger," you should be fully extended into your ab rollout or a high kick, or any move you choose. Do this every day for 30 days.

Go the distance

Challenge yourself to complete as many kilometres as you can whether that be through walking, cycling or running indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, makes sure to maintain social distancing guidelines and staying hydrated! The more distance covered, the more points on the leaderboard.

Step it up

According to experts, people who track their steps take an average of 2,500 more steps per day than those who don’t. This simple challenge will encourage you to be more active on daily basis by taking it one step at a time. Walk it, jog it, browse the shops at the mall, take the stairs. The more steps you take, you more points you receive in this challenge.

Détails du concours

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Participer à un concours auquel est associé un Time Challenge vous permet de tenter chaque Time Challenge autant de fois que vous le souhaitez sans avoir à vous inscrire plusieurs fois !

Challenge actif entre le 05 Nov 2020 et le 16 Dec 2020

Get the whole family involved in getting active by doing something fun together. This challenge will be measured on a 'minutes spent' basis whereby the longer you spend doing a fitness activity, the more points you will gain. Here are some examples of simple but fun activities to get you moving:

· Go for a walk or bike ride around your neighbourhood

· Visit a local park or playground

· Play a game of tag

· Have a water balloon fight

· Take a fitness class together

· Have a race in the backyard

· Throw the Frisbee or ball around

· Play hopscotch

· Dance to upbeat music

· Go on a bear hunt

· Draw a maze on the driveway and run through it

· Have a pillow fight


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How to Participate

1. Create an inphota account and register for the event.

2. Please complete the wellness survey as part of your registration and please make sure that you complete the checkout process via the basket tab.

Then either

3a. Connect your Garmin, Strava or Fitbit account to inphota profile

3b. Upload your results manually by selecting Submit Activity in your profile.

How to submit a workout

Strava, Garmin or Fitbit connection: If you choose to automatically sync your results, once you've registered and connected your chosen device, please record your ride how you usually would. Once saved, your workout will be automatically synced and will be added to the leaderboard. Please ensure your Strava activity visibility is set to "everyone" (your profile can still remain private). Any other visibility will not be counted towards the leaderboard.

Manual submission: If you choose to upload your results manually, there is a manual submission tab labelled 'submit manual results' found above recent attempts. This is visible once registered for the event. Please submit your results along with image proof, date and distance of your ride to log any attempts towards the event.

You must upload your own activity, any request for the inphota team to upload an activity will not be possible. Manual submittions will close 1 hour after the event.

To note

Your Strava must be visible to "everyone" anything that is set to "followers" or "only me" will not be counted toward the leaderboard. Your profile can still remain as private.

Conditions générales de vente

By registering I accept the organizer's exclusion of liability of any damages. I will not enforce a claim either upon the organizer or upon the supporting companies and their agents because of damage that could arise by participating. I declare that I have practiced sufficiently for the participation and I am physically well.

The inphota virtual running events goal is to provide our participants with an exceptional virtual racing experience with accurate and credible results. We expect participants to do their part by entering accurate data (such as participant weight), correctly calibrating equipment, and selecting reasonable courses (no net elevation loss). We reserve the right to remove results that we determine are erroneous or unusual, including without limitation, results that would be unattainable on a typical course. Any participant who we determine intentionally manipulated data or otherwise attempted to cheat the inphota system may be suspended from future inphota running events.

Inphota shall not be held responsible for any problems regarding access, obstruction, malfunction, interruption, suspension or difficulties regarding technical equipment, computers, cables, electronics, software and hardware, internet connection that may prevent or hinder participation in the event.

Inphota shall not be held responsible for any injuries suffered by participants during the event. By registering for the event, participants declare that they are in good health and physical condition.

Participants understand that their given information will be used for the purposes of tracking results and that personal data will not be shared with any third parties.

Delivery and Payment Confirmation - on completion of the registration you will receive an email confirming your entry into the requested competition.

Your ranking on the leaderboard does not reflect your chance to win a prize. You must enter the prize draw.

Soumission des activités manuelles

La plateforme inphota permet la soumission d'activités par de nombreux moyens différents - Strava, Garmin, Fitbit - mais nous comprenons qu'il est parfois préférable de soumettre les données d'une autre manière. Pour faciliter cela, nous avons produit un formulaire de soumission manuel dans lequel vous pouvez entrer les détails des activités des concours auxquels vous vous êtes inscrit.

Pour accéder au formulaire de soumission manuelle, vous devez être connecté au compte inphota qui s'est inscrit au concours et avoir les détails à portée de main. Si vous vous êtes inscrit à l'événement en utilisant la caisse d'invité, il n'est pas possible d'utiliser le formulaire de soumission manuel.

Identifiant Enregistrez-vous

profitez de l'inscription rapide

L'inscription rapide va automatiquement ajouter un article à votre panier avec la liste des détails enregistrée dans votre profil. Cela signifie qu'il faut compléter votre profil et le mettre à jour.

Ne vous inquiétez pas, vous pouvez toujours vous enregistrer sans compléter votre profil, à la même façon que vous pouvez enregistrer votre famille et amis

Complétez votre profil Enregistrez-vous

Nous allons introduire bientot les points de récompense d'Inspire pour un profile complet, veuillez attendre cet événement!

Ce concours est limité par l'âge ou le genre

Malheureusement ce concours est limité par l'âge ou le genre, et les détails dans votre profil ne correspondent pas aux restrictions posées par l'organisateur. Pour cette raison l'enregistrement rapide n'est pas disponible.

Mais vous pouvez toujours vous inscrire à ce concours à travers les moyens habituels, et par remplir les détails de la personne que vous voulez enregistrer!


Q'est-ce qu'un enregistrement rapide?

les membres d'inphota ont l'accès à notre system d'enregistrement rapide, ce qui vous permet de rejoindre un évènement au clic d'un boutton.

Comment utiliser l'enregistrement rapide?

Pour utiliser l'enregistrement rapide vous devez seulement vous inscrire à un inphota compte, et compléter votre profil. C'est rapide et facile, et ça vous permet d'entrer un évènement juste avec un clic de boutton!

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Que sont les "time challenges"?

Les "time challenges" permettent de s'inscrire et de participer à une course dans le monde réel à un moment qui vous convient. En couplant votre compte Strava, vous pouvez enregistrer votre temps sur le parcours sélectionné à l'aide d'un téléphone portable ou d'un appareil portable connecté. Une fois l'activité terminée, vous serez ajouté au classement et vous aurez la possibilité de tenter le parcours autant de fois que vous le souhaitez pour améliorer votre classement avant la clôture de l'événement.

Que sont les Challenges?

Tout comme les Time Challenges, les inphota Challenges permettent de réaliser une activité sans qu'il soit nécessaire de se présenter à un lieu précis. En couplant votre compte Fitbit, vous pouvez enregistrer votre activité au moment qui vous convient, et elle sera prise en compte dans le défi auquel vous vous inscrivez. Vous avez la possibilité de tenter le défi autant de fois que vous le souhaitez pour améliorer votre classement avant la clôture de l'événement.

Les prix et les récompenses seront attribués à l'issue du défi.

Quand vais-je apparaître ?

Nos classements pour ce défi montrent les meilleurs efforts des personnes qui se sont inscrites à ce concours et qui ont réalisé une activité qualifiante en utilisant leur appareil portable. Pour les Time Challenges, il doit s'agir d'un appareil qui se télécharge sur Strava, sinon un appareil Fitbit.

Pour être pris en considération pour le classement, vous devez suivre plusieurs étapes :

  1. Inscrivez-vous au concours qui vous intéresse
  2. Connectez votre compte Fitbit ou Strava à votre compte inphota afin que nous sachions quand vous tentez le défi
  3. Effectuer une activité qualifiante (autant de fois que vous le souhaitez !)
  4. Téléchargez votre entraînement

C'est tout ! Il suffit d'utiliser votre compte Fitbit ou Strava comme vous le feriez normalement, et nous téléchargerons automatiquement l'activité et vous placerons dans le classement. Veuillez noter que ce processus peut prendre jusqu'à une heure après que vous ayez terminé le téléchargement.

Si vous avez des problèmes, ou si vous avez fait un effort qui n'apparaît pas après ce délai, alors veuillez prendre contact avec notre système de tchat