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Infos sur l'événement

Daman Challenge TriYAS celebrates 10 years in 2020.

It is the region's only day into night triathlon held annually on Yas Marina Circuit.

Daman Challenge TriYAS is open to everyone with the emphasis on setting personal targets and achieving them whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran.

Swim the Yas Marina, Transition in the Formula 1 Pit Lane, Cycle on the 5.5K track and Run through the Yas Marina as you achieve your goal. Daman Challenge TriYAS is a true community race and is a guaranteed fun day out for the whole family.

In 2020, we have moved the kids events to the morning and introduced a Super Sprint Contest which will celebrate true inclusiveness.

New in 2020 - We introduce #TriWithRio an inclusive sprint event leading off the afternoon with a field limit of 50. Registered participants can either do the full sprint triathlon, or choose to do only elements of the 3 disciplines, however to enter the swim you must be able to complete 750M inside 20 minutes and hold a minimum bike pace of 25Km/h but the run/walk for the final 5Km is at your liesure joining Nick and Rio crossing the line as one.

The Elite Race in 2020 will feature for the first time a 'DRAFT LEGAL' Sprint race starting at 2pm. This invitational event will feature a number of the regions best triathletes racing head to head in a staggered start timed handicap format.

From 3pm the Olympic contest will commence followed by the afternoon sprint contest from 4pm.

New in 2020 - The SPRINT INVITATIONAL - 30 of the UAE's finest athletes will compete for the first time in the Draft Legal Sprint at 2pm on Race Day. For the first time ever that the athletes will start and race against the clock in a pursuit style race. 

New in 2020 we bring the FIRST ever pure open water swim to Yas Marina - Starting after the super sprint the open water swim is a great warm up event or a pure stand alone swim within the iconic Yas Marina with the Super Yachts watching on.

Détails du concours

Enregistrements récents

Swim 1.5km x Bike 38km x Run 10km


Logistique de la course

TRIKids 200
Super Sprint Wave Start
Open Water Swim
Olympic Wave Start
Sprint Wave Start
Please take note of the key event timings.


Conseils de voyage

Ample parking is available onsite at Yas Marina Circuit for participants and spectators with free parking is available within Yas Marina Circuit in Gold Car Park 1 

Prix et récompenses

Every finisher will receive a commemorative medal celebrating the 10th Anniversary of TriYAS. 

Des volontaires

Volunteering is a wonderful way to become involved in our events. We are always looking for people to make our events a success. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, please consider registering by contacting volunteer@gulfmultisport.com or calling +971-50-313-2165.

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Refund Policy: Please note our terms and conditions:

Delivery and Payment Confirmation, on completion of the registration you will receive an email confirmation confirming your entry into the requested competition. Should you not receive this within a reasonable time please email your query to events@gulfmultisport.com

Refund Policy - Registrants can request a refund prior to February 1, 2020. Full policy is available in terms and conditions. There is NO refund for registrations made after February 1, 2020 or changes permitted from this time.

Queries can be directed by email to events@gulfmultisport.com

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